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"RTC 21 July 2017 Notes" by Ruby - 7.22.17

Entry Submitted by Ruby at 10:31 AM EDT on July 22, 2017 Yosef Intel starts at 9:30 (my comments in paranthes...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

"RTC 21 July 2017 Notes" by Ruby - 7.22.17

Entry Submitted by Ruby at 10:31 AM EDT on July 22, 2017

Yosef Intel starts at 9:30 (my comments in parantheses) –
  • Cabal tried to kill Steve Scalise since he is the new Speaker of the House of the Restored Republic. It shows how close we are since they tried to take out leadership of the new government.
  • There are three very specific moments left in the RV process. The first is coming tomorrow night in the form of the firing of Robert Mueller (Special Prosecutor in the Trump/Russia investigation). It will mimic the SaturdayNight Massacre (reference to Watergate investigation events). It’s all intentional. It’s all scripted. There’s another event when Trump resigns. Yosef expects that to be the third week of September (22-24) according to his intel. Mike Pence will issue the pardon for Trump. (He goes through the history of the Watergate events to explain the sequence of mimicked events.) 
  • When Trump is removed from office, it will mark two years since the Pope released all corporations, including USA, Inc. and marks the backend of the RV. The GCR has been going on that long during this transition. The private redemptions are the last part of the transition.
  • When Boehner resigned, Paul Ryan became the president essentially when he became Speaker of the House. Pence will pardon Trump so Paul Ryan doesn’t have the backlash in 2018 elections.
  • Trump doesn’t know when anything is coming next. He knows it’s coming, but doesn’t have control over anything. Think of this process like the Witness Protection Program, but the opposite, like the Witness Chaos Process.
  • The Chinese have segmented the Master Plan over different branches so no one knows more than their little piece of the overall plan.
  • Every night, the military is ready for war inside the United States in case it happens. They suckered Wells Fargo into thinking they had more power than they had to track down a lot of hidden Cabal. They did the same with Trump: made him look like he had more power than he had to trick the adversary into revealing themselves.
  • There is an illusion of delay, but in reality, it’s orchestrated down to the second, in relation to two events: the Inauguration and the end of the Fiscal Year (September 30th).
  • It’s sad because we all expected sooner, but that is part of the business we have chosen. The pump fakes were all part of the plan.
  • It’s obvious they are going in for the kill with Trump. As long as he plays along, he and his family will get a complete pardon.
He gets into more elements of the whole long-term plan for those interested. He then took calls. He wouldn’t talk about the Exchange.



"In Response to Reallucky1" by GK - 7.22.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 10:05 AM EDT on July 22, 2017

"Re: UnCommon Cents" by Reallucky1 - 7.21.17

Those numbers in those accounts are backed by nothing. The USN and the BRICS system is not in place yet. The fiat cache of supposed riches still are tethered to the old system.

The courts are still Admiralty. The Bar Association has not been taken apart yet.

Thusly yelling people to spend wildly, prematurely, is going to allow the Talmudists to pick and choose who to prosecute.

And what happens when 300 million Americans are billionaires?

This is a set up. The videos prove the reasons why. I am not going to fight this fight I am going to watch it.

I am a journalist. I already waded in these waters up to my waist so if there seems like a way I can pay debt off and not go to prison I may do so.

But there is dark matter here that you think you know about but you don't.

"Re: Weight Limit" by Midwestman - 7.22.17

Entry Submitted by Midwestman at 9:32 AM EDT on July 22, 2017

"Weight Limit" - GCR/RV History - Friday - July 21, 2017

A somewhat interesting post though I think Yoseph has talked about this many times before.
My issue is with the last paragraph of this post, its states, "Reject or accept your burdens Zimland, but make no mistake, its time to step up or step out. As there is no limbo or in between when serving humanities greatest goods."

I believe we have accepted those burdens but the NPTB don't trust us enough to carry them through. I feel like a professional student in this thing, I have a masters degree in currencies but we are told not to go out in the real world and use what we know, safer to stay in school and get another degree. We have seen far too numerous delays in this to record but dare I say that we currency holders are the hold up because the NPTB don't think we can handle this blessing so its better to keep it than release it.

Not too many people have dealt with this kind of wealth or taken on the projects that we have agreed to take on but at some point we need to stop talking about it and get going on doing it. Are there going to be mistakes along the way, yes. Will people fail or succeed in their philanthropic endeavors, yes. Will we need help to fulfill what we set out to do, yes but its not going to happen if all thats ever done is talk about it. Its time to release this to humanity so we can start fixing things that are broken. I am not going to fling arrows at a particular side and say they broke this and that because both sides did their fare share of screwing things up, I'm saying its time to release this and see what we can do for humanity, Lord knows we can't do any worse than whats already been done.

I know this has been the elders baby for quite a long time but according to themselves, it has always been the plan to release it to the people so I say with all due respect, release this and let us show you what we can do. Would I like to see you on the sidelines giving advice and encouragement, you bet! I for one have many plans to help humanity, first one being to wipe out cancer in our lifetime and thats one of many but it won't ever happen if this is not released. So the NPTB can sit on this for however long they think they need to or they can release this with the knowledge that the few guru's have taught us well so instead of sitting in school longer we can go out into the world and do some real good before its too late.

Grandfathers, please release this, we won't let you down.


Zorra Call Today at 12 PM EDT 7-22-17

"Zorra Call"

Saturday, July 22th
Time: 9 am PDT
10 am MDT
11 am CDT
12 pm EDT


Guest Call In:

Press #1 if your would like to speak.​

Dear beloved Masters,

Today, Zorra has a special message for all of us. We were not yet due for another call, however, his message could not wait for another week.

This is one of those special calls that you want to make sure you listen intently to so you are clear about what he is sharing. This is a call that you definitely don't want to miss. That is all I will say for now!

On another topic, we will be talking about health and wellness. We must take upon ourselves to do what we can to focus on improving our wellbeing while on the surface and especially now as we prepare for the humanitarian projects at hand that will require our focus, time, skills, energy and commitment to healing our planet. It is about Service and Love. This entails being in tip-top shape.

With that in mind, we will talk about a new amazing product that we were just introduced to and wish to share it with you. Our intention is to bring the information and you make your own decision about it. As we know, nothing ever happens by accident, so....

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is!

See you all Saturday!
Love to all,

Quazar, Zaraya, Zorra and Saraiya

"Listening (Honor Song) - RV Musical Update - 7.22.17

Published on Dec 28, 2011

This is John Trudell's first CD, amazing spoken word by an amazing man, support John Trudell, buy his music, check his documentary, learn about this man who has fought for our people

Gaia Portal: Streets of Gold Unveiled

Ferrites embed within the soft matrix.

Separations are resolved.

Banners of Illumination are raised.

Streets of Gold are unveiled.

Source: Gaia Portal

Kyron July 2017: Decide to Honor your Desire

Published on Jul 22, 2017


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